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Wattle Bank Farm is a little haven in Gippsland, Victoria, where husband and wife duo Peter and Beatrice have created a destination for healing and wholeness through the creation of a working farm and delivery of experiential education in the outdoors. 

We’ve built Wattle Bank farm from the ground up by offering natural horsemanship experiences, created a closed loop food production system growing oyster mushrooms commercially and providing an off grid farm stay where families and friends could come and regenerate and reconnect with nature and wellness.

We share a love for creating and sharing experiences for people in the outdoors, spending time with horses, putting on a feast, growing organic vegetables or going on expeditions on beautiful Bunurong country, minutes from the seaside town of Inverloch. 


Organic oyster mushrooms

We grow organic oyster mushrooms and deliver to Melbourne and regional restaurants as well as to local markets and grocers. We approach our cultivation of our mushrooms using low tech principles and repurpose our mushroom straw into rich compost for our vegetable gardens.  We are passionate about teaching how incredibly nutritious and versatile oyster mushrooms are. Pick up some mushrooms or a DIY mushroom kit from our farmgate by getting in touch with us, or book a workshop where we teach you how to grow them from home. If you’re interested in becoming a supplier, get in touch with us here.

Come and meet our horses

Moving across the paddocks, you will get to meet our beautiful family of Australian stock horses better known as Matilda, Betsy, Molly, Otto, Pepper, Mustard, Chloe, Black Beauty, Smoky and Mallory! 


Alongside them, our team deliver fun experiential education and equine therapy work to various cohorts from school, business and corporate groups as well as visitors to the region. We specialise in supporting families who are supported through the NDIS with Improved Daily Living Skills and Short Term Accommodation both with day activities as well as weekend camps


We often hear from our visitors that in the presence of the horses, they begin to feel an almost inexplicable sense of wellbeing and peace. The research now shows a myriad of benefits from a reduction of stress, tension and anxiety, lowered blood pressure and heart rates followed by a rise in beneficial feelings of trust, empowerment and simply put, love. We love bringing the magic of natural horsemanship to individuals and families in delivering one on one and group classes, workshops and weekend camps.

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Our Farm stay

No farm would be complete without a place where you can stop and slow down, Seahorse, our little off grid accommodation provides a little haven where you can groom a horse, pick some veggies or engage in one of our workshops on offer. You can do as little or as much as you would like during your visit! You have access to our seasonal vegetable garden and if keen, we love you to leave your mark behind by planting a tree. Book your stay here.

Book a permaculture farm tour

We encourage you to book a farm tour so you can see our permaculture system in action. We use horse manure, mushroom straw in our regenerative market garden. When we have surplus produce, you will find us drying, pickling, fermenting and cooking our mushrooms, fruit, vegetables and herbs which you can pick up at the farm shop or part of our demonstration workshops as well.

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