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Wattle Bank Farm is a little haven in Gippsland, Victoria, where husband and wife duo Peter and Beatrice have created a destination for healing and wholeness through the creation of a working farm and delivery of experiential education in the outdoors. 

We’ve built Wattle Bank farm from the ground up by offering natural horsemanship experiences, created a closed loop food production system growing oyster mushrooms commercially and providing an off grid destination where families and friends could come and regenerate and reconnect with nature and wellness.

We share a love for creating and sharing experiences for people in the outdoors, spending time with horses, putting on a feast, growing organic vegetables or going on expeditions on beautiful Bunurong country, minutes from the seaside town of Inverloch. 

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What do we do?

We currently grow and deliver between 60-100 kgs each week to Melbourne and regional restaurants as well as to local markets and grocers. We approach our cultivation of our mushrooms using low tech principles and repurpose our mushroom straw into rich compost for our vegetable gardens.  We are passionate about teaching how incredibly nutritious and versatile oyster mushrooms are. Considered a superfood, they are equally delicious and easy to cook at home and in our mushroom workshops, you will learn how to make your own grow kit to take home. 

As part of a We invite you to visit us by booking a farm tour, you can visit and explore our vegetable gardens. When we have surplus produce, you will find us drying, pickling, fermenting and cooking our mushrooms, fruit, vegetables and herbs which you can pick up at the farm shop or part of our demonstration workshops as well.

What we knew from the get-go was that we wished to create a micro-farm where everything was grown sustainably and ethically.

At Wattle Bank Farm, we have an indoor growing facility for our gourmet mushrooms, a dedicated area for horse riding, equine education and therapy and a farm stay available- all with access to our farm gate.

Quality over quantity. We don't have to be the biggest but we aspire to be the best at what we do. 

Our produce are grown for hospitality, grocers and individuals. We have fresh mushrooms as well as an extensive list of dehydrated products. We open the farm gate when we have surplus stock and make it available to visitors and guests at the farm.


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